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Girls Have Autism Too!

Updated: Dec 1

Marissa, also known as Mari, shares her thoughts on growing up with Autism and her transition from High School to College.  She talks about taking online classes for college and what she wants to do in the future.  She also hopes to break the stereotype that only boys have Autism.  

Host Speaker  0:17 

Welcome back to another episode of I am Able. The goal of our podcast is to bring awareness and acceptance to our communities when working with educating and living with people of all abilities. We’d like to take a quick moment to thank our co-sponsors total education solutions, which provides a variety of educational, behavioral, and therapeutic services to people of all abilities throughout the United States, and also the Institute for the redesign of learning, which operates a number of educational and transitional services for people of all abilities throughout Southern California. According to a scholarly article, written in 2017 by Arizona State University, about 50,000 Americans with autism enter adulthood each year. About 1/3 of these young adults attend college after high school. Another study by the AJ Drexler Drexel autism Institute, found that fewer than 20% of college students with autism had graduated, or were even on track to graduate five years after high school. The Transition into Adulthood is just another challenge that is faced by young adults with ASD in their families. While there continues to be support available post high school, many families struggle to find the help they or their young adults need. In part two of episode four, we talked to Marissa, the young adult daughter of Joe, she shares with us what it’s like to attend college and her dreams for the future. So without further delay, I introduce our moderator, Jamie.

Jamie:  1:55 

Alright, so So Mari. Hello. Hello. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this. I, again, I really appreciate you and your dad helping us out with this. So I your dad already told us that you attend Citrus College. Is that right?

Mari:  2:18 

Yeah, that’s correct. Perkins.

Jamie:  2:23 

So what are you what are you studying? There?

Mari:  2:28 

I would, I would miss theater, but I’m kind of like that. I’m kind of like rethinking the whole thing. I’m like, I’m like, and like, kind of I kind of like want to, like explore more. Like, like, because like cedar because like theater right now. I’m just kind of learning like the basics of theater, like liked and stuff. And it’s like, dang, do we really want to be doing this? It’s like, Um, no, there’s stuff that kind of like interests me a bit more so like,

Jamie:  2:52 

yeah. So what other kinds of things interests you besides theater?

Mari:  2:59 

For some for some weird reason, I’ve pursued reason I find that I like the idea of like, like cooking and stuff because like, because like, I’ve decorated like cookies before and it’s like a that’s cool. What if I actually did like, do like baking and cooking stuff? So that interests me, maybe like else as like, it’s also kind of like makeup, makeup and stuff because like even though I like I like never put stuff on my face. I just like the idea of like, you know, like, like putting makeup on somebody and they just make them look pretty. So yeah, those things kind of interests me.

Jamie:  3:35 

Nice so so baking what? So you said you’d like to make cookies. What other things do Do you like to do? Would you like to make like cakes or pies? Or? Or is it just the decorating part that you enjoy?

Mari:  3:54 

Mostly the decorating part, but I wouldn’t but I wouldn’t mind trying to cook like maybe like pasta dishes because like they don’t because like they look really pretty and delicious. So

Jamie:   4:06 

so it sounds like that. You’re a very visual person. So what about being an artist? What would How would you feel about doing something like that

Mari:   4:20 

Um I tried drawing like a few times in my life. So I’ve like like most of it I’m not really good at I think I get it you have to like take do a lot of practice like make your art look good or decent. So like Yeah, it’s like it’s not my thing though. So it really like my thing that like really good because like I have like a lot of artists friends, but it’s like it’s not really like a thing though. Like it’s like artists or just stuff school but it’s like it’s not like my thing.

Jamie:  4:52 

Got Yeah, it’s not something you can see like going to do every day as as like a profession.

Mari:  5:00 

No, not really sadly.

Jamie:  5:03 

That’s okay. Not Not everybody is an artist and not everybody wants to be an artist, but just from from what you’re describing about the deck cake, or the decorating and doing makeup just made me think that that might be something that you’re interested in so and and in college, so are you right now? Are you you’re taking just like your basic college courses to go on to get a degree or

Mari:  5:35 

Yeah, I’m, like, I’m kind of I’m kind of planning just to like Community College because like, it seems easier, but it’s like, I’ve been, like, I’ve been thinking of like, doing other stuff, you know, like me, like a trade school. Trade School because like, because, like, universities are kind of scary and sometimes hard to get into.

Jamie:  5:57 

Right, right. Yeah, I I know what you mean, I prefer the smaller setting of a community college I I think that especially here in California, we have a lot of really good ones. And it’s a really good option for people. So your dad was saying that right now, because of COVID. You’re you’re taking all of your classes online. That Correct. You don’t get to go to campus or

Mari:  6:26 

my classes are online. So yeah, it’s it’s, it’s not it’s not the same, but it’s fine. It’s like I’m, it’s like, I’m not like struggling. But I’m not struggling. So that’s good.

Jamie:  6:39 

That’s really good. That’s really good. So were you able to attend college on campus at all? Or did you just once you graduated from high school and you started attending? Citrus College? Is it has it been online the whole time?

Mari:  6:56 

Yeah, I’ve never set foot on the college campus Literally. Literally, the whole pandemic just hit me in like my second semester of like, like being a senior in high school. So it’s like I’d ever get ever got like, like a senior prom or like, or like all that nice stuff. And I had like a drive through graduation. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s like, but it’s like day kind of wish I could experience like, like prom with like, I don’t know, like a decent prom.

Jamie:  7:24 

Right and like being able to walk for your graduation. Yeah.

Mari:  7:29 

Like, I get best i i get dressed before the pandemic and I experienced like a homecoming but it’s like was like a kind of like awful experience because like, because like I was going to church because like I was going like I was trying something new news like I feels like because like I was I was like struggling with like my identity on like, oh, like not screw dresses. I’m gonna wear like a button up shirt with suspenders. Like I looked I look like I’m not gonna lie like I look cute at the time. Like blue senior me to say to look good. If and then like halfway through the problem. Like for some reason i i forgot what suspenders like, like many like me, like go to the bathroom and stuff like you like I’ll take them off. Right? Like just put them you don’t like the little thing. And for some reason, like they dropped the toilet. asleep because like it did like take them off normally. Yeah, it’s like they just feel like toilet water. They just felt sad. Oh, no. So like, yeah, like the least people died would cool and stuff. Yeah. bcmy Yours was a mess. But like, for some reason I got through it.

Jamie:  8:48 

So you were I’m so sorry that you were sad during during your? Your homecoming? So? What? So what did you do after that? So you just sat there sad? Or did you take the suspenders off? Or? I’m curious how did how did you deal with that? Besides just being sad?

Mari:  9:08 

I will say just sad because like, my suspension is toilet water. And it’s like, what do we do? So it’s like a like, I like I didn’t like I didn’t really wear them because it’s like, because it’s like, I don’t know, it just I just feel gross wearing them. It’s like, it’s like I had to like go through the whole night without to seven degrees. But it’s like every day how now with a few friends. I haven’t met with a few friends. So it’s like it was it was mostly Okay. That’s good to know. I just even though I just kind of like ruined some of my look.

Jamie:   9:43 

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. But that’s one of those stories now that you’ll have to tell when you’re older. And you know, you can say oh yeah, I had. I had this experience but it sounds like that even though you had kind of a Not a great experience with wet suspenders. So do you think you’ll try again? So you will like to go to another party like if, when, when you’re back on when you’re on campus in college, and there’s an opportunity to have to go to some event like that.

Mari:  10:19 

All I know is that college parties are much more different than like high school parties. So it’s like, it’d be interesting, but it’s like, do I really want to go to a college party with like, like, I don’t know, if it’s like, I don’t know, if college parties are like, they’re like, in the movies, where it’s like, alcohol and like people just being party dudes or something like that. So it’s like, probably not like that. But like, college parties are just a weird thing to think about. Just going to women just, I just feel like it’d be at a place because like, I’m not the biggest party person and just really quiet and just, and I just hope someone would talk to me.

Jamie:  10:58 

So you like music? Do you? Do you like to dance?

Mari:  11:03 

Oh, I love music. Like, like, like, I, I have earbuds in like, almost every day just like going through songs. And I’m like, Yeah, my gym. Did I dance a whole lot, because like I live, and I was weird when it Danzel just like, like, I’ll just like, I’ll just like, move my arms and stuff. I wouldn’t really like move my legs because like, I’m like, I don’t know what to do with my legs. Downoad dance with my arms. It’s my arms. And it’s like, I look elegant, you’re dancing. So it’s like, like, literally, so it’s like, it’s like, okay, I might as well lipsync to secure secure chic here.

Jamie:  11:49 

I love Shakira. Alright, so maybe the college party scene is not not something that you’re looking forward to. And I I’ve attended colleges different places in it’s, it really kind of depends on on where you’re at as to what kind of party a college party is going to be all about. But what is your favorite part about attending college?

Mari:  12:19 

Like, since I haven’t been in college for that long, like, I’ve only like, I’ve just like started in the fall. And then it’s like, I don’t like spring semester, I’m still going at it. That’s like, like, filling for that period of time. I don’t want to leave you reeling to do and golden but like, involving, like, on foot. Like honestly, like so far. So far, like, like, like, I get I kind of get most of my services from like college connected, like, and you know, like, like a, like, an like, another like, like thing where it’s like, like, they give me money for college because like, I don’t have a job right now. But it’s like, I’m kind of looking for one. So it’s like, and I’m kind of a little broke. So like how to like anyways, college connecting, like, I have, like someone checking in on me to see from doing well. And that’s kind of like my favorite part of the day. Because it’s like, because like, doesn’t like while some someone’s look. I was like, wow, someone’s checking up on me cuz like, it’s because like, because like, I’m good. Because like, I don’t get that a lot from my friends. Friends, like because I get it. They’re like, busy, they have a life and stuff. So it’s like they’re doing college they’re doing they have jobs, they have a life. So it’s like, I don’t know, it’s, it’s nice to know that that one of the people are called to naturally kind of took me up on me. It’s like, like, I like and we like oh, it’s about my like special interest and stuff and like they’ll just like they’ll just listen and that just makes me happy. So it’s like, so it’s like, so it’s like I like when people people listen to me ramble on about my special interest because like, because like I got a few

Jamie: 13:57 

Well, I’m here to listen so can you tell me some about your other special interests

Mari:  14:10 

I think as far as you know, like a lot of a lot of people, a lot of people who are artistic have like at least one special interest. Like sometimes I’ll sit with them for like years and it’s it’s years and years and sometimes it’ll just are just a little bit shorter than that. So like most people who have autism or have especially like cartoons or anime or something like that. For for me i I’m like I I have a whole lot of anime looks like because like because like I cuz like I like I’ve been kind of on and off anime for like most of my teammates because like, because like a lot of because like, because like I was like, you know like, like at the time because like at the time like a lot of a lot of people thought you’re a little cringy witty when you walk to enemy like in me like at the time because like usually Like when you’re really because like, like, in my previous years, like people like look at you weird and like think you’re like the weird kid and stuff and it’s like, yeah, you can’t have over it’s like, it’s like, it’s okay. Holy like and like Reza right now. Like a lot of people just think enemy schools. So it’s like, because we just kind of we just kind of weird because like so like a lot of people made fun of it back then that’s like, no, yeah, don’t get it. That’s like, it was like yeah, like I have had an on and off relationship with enemy but like, I really got to do it when I was like, around 15 Maybe 16 So, so yeah, that became my, my special interest for like a while now because like, I really like anime figures like, around like, my room and stuff. got like two shelves of like, look into my fingers like Nendoroids and nindroid and stuff. It’s like, I don’t really did anything. I got a fee, but I’m like, I’m scared. Because like, I’m just gonna, like pick up the computer. And like, like, show you because like, I’m scared to leave job my computer. Like I’ve done it once. It was not a good experience. I don’t like, like, I have other interests because like I in besides my main I’m just my main interests like anime and stuff. Like, like maybe like I like shown in anime, like, you know, like, like the like the, like the popular ones like you. Look, you’ve seen a lot like one piece and like my hero because like I like those, ma’am. Mostly and in like, in like, like some romance anime here and there. So like, yeah, I also I also moved. I also have like, I’m also like, I have them. She I am stumbling over my words, this this happens. This happens a lot with me because like when I talk too much I like stuttering very words. And it’s like, it’s like, it’s so weird. And it’s like, talk.

Jamie:  17:03 

It’s okay, so So Mari, it sounds like that you have some support from your friends and from your college connect in from your parents. Which is actually that’s a lot you have a lot of people around you to, to help support. Is there anybody else that that supports you at school or at home?

Mari:  17:31 

Teachers or kind of support because it’s like, I have accommodation and stuff and like, and like you know, they follow the UV if you’re tired of like tests and stuff. So that’s, that’s great. Because, like, I just kind of like zone up on tests. And I just kind of like wonder, like, walk walk around, but it’s like I can’t sometimes. Because like most of them are tired. And it’s like, like, not only my time, but I felt like skin through all my notes that I do because like they’re all is like so it’s like yes, it’s a big struggle. So it’s like a gay I get extra time. That’s great.

Jamie:  18:04 

So do you get extra time or you get like unlimited time for those of us?

Mari:  18:11 

Yeah, I get extra time to time because this goes on because just cuz cuz cuz I’m the same to skills and artistic. So hey, that’s great. Sister, I’d say was necessary stays pretty, pretty supportive. Like, okay, like, she like she, like she vibes with me. Mostly. She loves me. She lives with me mostly when, you know when she you know when you know when she when she’s out of class because like, of class and stuff because like Yeah, so like, yeah, we feel like she she does her own thing. I do my own thing, but it’s like, it’s like she felt like yeah, she she told her she tolerates me we’re we’re cooling. We’re cool. We have almost the same interest so

Jamie:  19:00 

Oh, that’s really good. So are you guys close? close in age them?

Mari:  19:05 

Yeah, you could say that. She’s like, she she’s 16. So like, two and a half years apart between

Jamie:  19:11 

Oh, wow. So did you guys fight when you were younger? You say you don’t fight now?

Mari:  19:18 

Yes, we did. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. I for some reason, I was like really mean to her when I was a kid. I don’t know why. And I feel kind of bad. No.

Jamie:  19:29 

That’s older sisters. That’s

Mari:  19:32 

a feels like I feel awful. Oh, think shields grudge against me that bad because like she’s doing her own thing. But it’s like, yeah, like Yeah,

Jamie:  19:40 

I think that’s pretty typical. I’m the youngest of in my family. And yes, lots of my sisters and I had lots of difficulty as children, but as an adult, we’re all we’re all really close. So, so that’s good. So you don’t have to worry. It sounds like you guys are already on the right path. So that’s awesome.

Mari:  19:58 

Yes, if you missed this relationship right now, it’s pretty, pretty chill. It’s chill.

Jamie:  20:06 

Sounds like you have a pretty busy life.

Mari:  20:11 

Yeah, you Yeah, you could say that.

Jamie:  20:15 

You have time to hang out with your friends.

Mari:  20:19 

Um, I mean, I do, but it’s like, I haven’t really hung out with them ever since, like January of this year. But it’s like, I mean, I get it, they have a life they have they have other friends. So it’s like, like out like, I don’t want to be I don’t want to be clingy. And it’s like, it’s like, it’s so it’s like he’s in. So it’s like, it’s it’s like, I feel like it’s like a number like a good time for me to like, ask if they want to hang out mainly, mainly because I’m scared too. And also, I just think, I think I always think like a boring person. Because, like, last night, because it’s the last time I like, like, let like let someone like hanging out at my house. It was like it was like on Halloween. Like on Halloween. It’s like I don’t really talk much, really. And I mean, we I mean, we did talk Don’t get me wrong, but it’s like, I just felt like I was really born different. But it’s like, I don’t think I don’t think she like cared, really. But I think she enjoyed my company. But it’s like, I think about that a lot. Like I remember I showed her like one of my favorite movies. It was like an anime movie, which is, um, it was sort of his from one piece because like, they had like 14 movies or 14 movie to the chorus because it was like really popular. Like, and like so like, so like, yeah, I was so like, Yeah, I think so like, Yeah, I think because of that. I think because of that. I just think I’m like really boring. And I think it really, really selfish but it’s like, it’s like, I mean, I’m trying to get out of that mentality. But it’s like, I think I think about that a lot. Like I think like I think about that a lot of like an boring so it’s like I’m scared to like, I’m sure to like, simply bring friends over. And also and also in my room isn’t the cleanest because like if stuff all over my room because like I have like stuff stacked up on what my vanity for something like this in like stuff on my door. My so like, so yeah, I struggle with inviting people over.

Jamie:  22:20 

You feel like that if you don’t have conversation that if you have some long silences that that’s not okay. Or?

Mari:  22:28 

Yes, yes, definitely. As like, it’s like, I hear this a lot. Because like, because like, if you really like really good friend. Because like, because I hear this I hear this a lot from like, from like social media. And it’s because, like, if if you and a friend can like, do, like do nothing, and have like the how a good time then your friends friendship was like last for a long time. It’s like I think about that a lot. If you think about that a lot, because it’s like, been like, honestly, I don’t really because like I don’t care what I carry with me, my friends do like you could just like just like be on our phones have like a movie on but like we wouldn’t watch it or anything and like send each other like, like me, like, like weird videos or like memes. So it’s like, it’s like, I think about that a lot. But it’s like, for some reason, the back of my head, it’s like, no, you have to do something like I don’t really go to mall or something. And it’s like

Jamie:  23:28 

yeah, I think it’s okay just just to be just to be together and just to, to, you know, communicate non verbally.

Mari:  23:39 

So it’s like yes, so like I struggled with inviting people to like my house to like my house and house just because I don’t think I’m the greatest because like I don’t think the greatest person they hang out with like, unlike all my other friends who have to work for interesting who were injured.

Jamie:  24:00 

Well, I find you fascinating. So I hope that that that helps.

Mari:  24:06 

Yes, thank you. It’s like thank you because like I can only pinpoint like one friend who finds me at least interesting. So, so it’s like, so it’s like yeah, like literally was like one friend who I like foiled like fooling Saint fool. Like I talked about my central interest too. And like, like, honestly, like, honestly, I think she’s the only person I know who finds who finds me fascinating. So it’s like, so, to me, it’s like, so it’s like, yeah, so it’s so it’s like I’m mostly just hanging out and text her because like, I genuinely think she finds me interesting. And unless, like unless Unless Unless she doesn’t so like yeah, she She’s cool.

Jamie:  24:53 

Nice. All right. Well As I said, I find you fascinating, but I’m running a little short on time. So I was want to ask you just a couple more questions. And one is Who Who are your biggest role models?

Mari:  25:16 

Oh, okay. Okay, then that’s, that’s kind of that’s, that’s our question honestly. Like, is it cuz, cuz, cuz, cuz it’s like, cuz like, cuz like, cuz like, over the years I have I have looked up to people like, like from like, from like my mom and with other famous people, but like, I know, it’s like, I don’t know, it’s like, it’s like having a role model right now feels weird because like, like, I don’t like, right now I don’t like people holding people on a pedestal. Because it’s like, because like, cuz like, like, I don’t like, I don’t, I don’t like holding people up on a pedestal because it’s like, the slightly because like, they could be a bad person. Because it’s like, good. Like, there’s a lot of celebrities who just became like, bad people over the years, over the years, like, so like, I don’t I like I like doing that. But it’s like, I don’t like doing that. That a lot. But it’s like, but it’s like, I don’t really do a whole lot. But it’s like, it’s like I’ve had, like, honestly, I have many role models. And like, mainly, it’s a bunch of voice actors. Which, which kind of which kind of which, which they’re pretty much the entire reason why I do I want to do VoiceOver. VoiceOver even though I’m kind of thinking over it. But like, yeah, voiceover Yeah, it would be cool if like, for like, most of my, like, pretty much like most of my, like, young high school life. I just looked at the voice actors who voiced characters that I really like.

Jamie:  26:51 

Like, so do you do voices and, and like accents or anything? Or?

Mari:  27:00 

I do sometimes I’m having like, conversation. Cooling. That’s like a because like, because like, sometimes I make a lot of people because, because like, like, I like a lot of people like, like them. Like maybe, like maybe like my favorite one to do is like a nasal voice clip. Cuz, like I feel like it’s like the easiest thing. That’s funny, did you because like, you have like, big stuff. And it kind of sounds getting to a bakery going. Doing the switcheroo. Like is funny.

Jamie:  27:38 

Awesome. And that makes me think of like, like 12 year old. That’s like pimply and glasses and braces. And that was great. That was awesome.

Jamie:  27:57 

I love that. I think you should really consider doing some voiceover work. Be very good at it. All right. I’m really sorry. How? Let’s have one final question. What advice do you have to others about following their dreams? Do you have any advice?

Mari:  28:23 

On honestly it is like, Go for your dreams. Like, like, you feel like you’re in a wheelchair cool and cool. And everything cool. That’s not gonna stop you. You have ADHD. Okay, I don’t. Okay with that. That’s cool. It’s like, honestly, just prove this proof people wrong. It’s like you have people telling you you can’t Oh, you can’t do or you can’t do this because you’re that is like the only like, the only screw and the only people that matters. The people that support is like, go for your dream. And it’s like, it’s not the dream you want then like try something else. Like, like try something to like try something else. Just just just just sling. Just go just go for you. Just please just go for your just go for the dream. Like grab it. Like, like, like, like grab that dream. Dream honestly, when it’s like if you want to take a break reading that’s, that’s okay. That’s okay too. Please take mental health breaks people.

Jamie:  29:25 

That is great advice. Wow. You are super wise for someone who was 18 I have to say I think that is marine advice. Alright, so is there anything else that you would like the community to know about yourself or about dealing with people who have autism in anything else?

Mari:  30:00 

It autism doesn’t really define you because you’re your own person. Like, I’m like, yeah, like yeah, you Yeah, I mean, like, yeah, you’ve you’ve been dealing. And I mean, yeah, like, like, it’s like, yeah, it’s like, yeah, yeah, some people deal with it a whole lot. But it’s like, it doesn’t really define you. What defines you is like, I think you I think you because like, because like, you know, like, when you got a personnel you got in just the boxes that autism he got, does not defining like, blank at all, at all. And it’s like, it’s like, it’s like, flying in like, it’s okay. If you want to embrace they’re not like, like on like, bonus, like, honestly, if you like having autism, great. If you don’t like having it, that’s fine, too. It’s like, just know that that autism doesn’t really define you and

Jamie:  30:53 

it’s just a part of you. It is not your whole beam. Is that what is that what you mean?

Mari:  30:58 

I mean, yeah, and it’s like, and it’s a good, it’s okay, if it’s okay, if you have it, it’s like it’s okay, it’s okay, we have it like there’s a bunch of people who have autism have done great things like, one day and like, like, like lead singer vowel city. He’s autistic and like, look at him. Yeah. Like Jim Henson was autistic to like, look at him he made he made the Muppets

Jamie:  31:24 

I didn’t realize the Jim that he was also autistic. I love the Muppets. Wow, I just learned something new today.

Mari:  31:34 

bookie like yeah, there’s there’s many famous people about autism, autism link. Autism, like those those like nickname at the top of my head? I, I do I do wish there was like more like, like, like, like, like female represent representation in autism than male. Because like, because like, I could go on a whole rant about representation and autism, because it’s like, there’s like, it’s mostly just adult men who are portrayed as having autism, but it’s like, it’s like, girls get growth kit girls have as, like, girls, like, there’s a lot of girls who have autism just as much as boys. But it’s like, a lot of people don’t really see that and just just like diagnose the boys. So it’s like, yeah, and because of that, a lot of girls struggle on who they are, and they don’t get diagnosed. And like, I don’t know, I’m like, their adult years, and they don’t get the help that they need. And they kind of find themselves in that. That sucks, because it’s like, I want more grow visitation because it’s like, because like, only one I can think of is Julia from Sesame Street. And it’s like, I just posted my representation and girls through school, I feel like that’d be appreciated.

Jamie:  32:53 

The, the inventor of the sunder shirt for dogs and cats. Have you heard of that? That suppose a calming I’m trying to remember what her name is. So another female with autism and she started working with it was cows to make them less stressed out when they were going to be the market. And then it turned into shirts for for dogs and cats. I’m sorry, cannot remember her name. So there’s two, so we’ll just have to think of some more because yes, we need to have women represented.

Mari:  33:41 

Yes, yes. Because Because like because, like, I’m just I’m just tired. And I don’t know, I just like don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with male reputation, but it’s like, Girl representation. Please give me give me

Jamie:  33:54 

rights. You don’t feel so? So alone. Like you’re like one of the few Yeah, I understand

Mari:  34:00 

that. And yeah, or like, I don’t know, like maybe someone who identifies as like more like, like non binary or something. Because like that, I think that’d be kind of cool view. Or like someone who doesn’t identify with like, the binary area. And I think I think that’d be cool too. And, like, I was like, and then like I kind of like want to I kind of like want an actor who actually has autism but like, like, like don’t get like don’t get me wrong. There’s like there’s plenty of older movies that have good representation even though the actor is your typical, because like, because like whistling with rain was like Rain Man with Rain Man, like, like, good reference, like, Fine, decent representation, but like, the actor was neurotypical but like, don’t get me wrong. He did a three peat, an amazing job was like dang, he kind of fooled me a bit. But like, Yeah, same thing with like, What’s Eating Gilbert great, which is like they didn’t really specify with that, um, Gilbert was autistic but like you’re heavily into that right? and like, like don’t get me wrong. Like, like, like DiCaprio did a good job but it’s good job good job and stuff but it’s like, just it just it was kind of weird. Is this kind of weird? And I feel like yeah like like the movie just feel weird now first first Gump was kind of like meshed in in like representation autism well, but it’s like, prayed for me personally I don’t think force had had autism just just I just I just think, no, no, just a lot of people just thought he was stupid which is like, which isn’t the same thing as autism, I just think go for resource GM had any autism, he seems no no he just wasn’t a smart dude. He’s like so like, yeah, like autism registation is very hit or miss for me very hit or miss me like, like some some of its really good some of this is just awful like life with like music, like, with like the like the movie music which is awful representation really it’s like awful, awful representation like they got like in your typical actor, which like they’ll be going around to teach she’s good at it, but it’s like he didn’t even want to be a part of this movie. So it’s like she just kind of felt awful offering playing the part and, and also, they also also didn’t even focus on the main character just focus on your drug addicts Sr. And for some reason, they, they, they were like, they like they like restrained the actor like a whole lot. Which is something really shouldn’t do it with autistic people like that should be like a very last resort. Like if you like if you tried everything like that’s like the last resort we do. Like that’s not the first thing you do. Like because like if you restrain them, you’re just going to be more upset and more stressed out. And and yeah, because of that I feel like the movie just just has like a bad message. And like in like the director of sia was just didn’t take any criticism. And it’s like, yeah, it’s like for money. Here’s the movies just bad.

Jamie:  37:13 

It sounds like we need you to be involved in in movies so that we can have better, better representation. Oh, I’ve just decided your career for you.

Mari:  37:25 

Oh, oh, God. I mean, that anything that that’s kind of scary.

Jamie:  37:34 

Alright, Maury. I, I, I really appreciate all the time that we’ve been able to share this morning. Thank you so much for talking with me today.

Mari:  37:48 

I enjoy talking to you, too.

Jamie:  37:50 

All right. I hope that maybe some time we’ll be able to chat again. Because as I said before, I find you to be very fascinating. So thank you again for your time today.

Mari:  38:04 

I enjoyed I enjoyed doing this. Very nervous. I was very nervous. I was very nervous. Like the whole night. It’s like oh, no, really? Oh, you

Jamie:  38:13 

did great. You did great. And I wish I did have more time because I feel like we could go on and on and on. But, unfortunately, but I see you take care


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