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A Day in the Life of a Client Empowered by Transition Adult Services (TAS)

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Nataly, a client of IRL’s Transition and Adult Services (TAS) program, shares her dreams for her future and how working hard and utilizing her support system is getting her closer to her goals.  Nataly also shares her experience with TAS and how she has grown and has become more independent. 

Jamie:  0:14 

Welcome to I am Able. We are kicking off our new podcast series because March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness month. This month is intended to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with disabilities and the trials and successes they face on a daily basis. According to the CDC, 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability 26% or about one in four of all adults in the United States have some type of disability. For those fortunate enough to have a job, their annual salary only is about $15,000. Transition adult services. A program of the Institute for the redesign of learning supports 34 clients working throughout the community. We kick off our series with interviews from three adult clients supported by transition adult services. I’m Jamie Lord Tovar, and I’m here today with Natalie. Natalie is one of our members of the IRL community. Hi, Natalie, how are you?

Nataly:  1:26 

Hi, Jamie. I’m doing great. How are you?

Jamie:  1:30 

I’m pretty good thing. So Natalie, we were just talking a couple minutes ago. And how long have you been with with IRL? What? When? When did you start you? You started at Almansor Academy, right? Yes, that’s true. So when did you start with all manager?

Nataly:  1:55 

I started the manager. I started in 2000. And the baby didn’t leave me and I graduated there in 2017.

Jamie:  2:08 

Okay, so 2017 is when you graduated, and then what did you do after graduation?

Nataly:  2:14 

After graduation? I have staff that they take care of me. Like for example, they take you to go they take me to a bank and I had my thesis I do laundry, get groceries. And I they helped me

Jamie:  2:38 

Okay, so, so So after you graduated you had you had some help with

Nataly:  2:44 

I went to college. Excuse me. I went to college for only like, less than a month, because it was so hard. So then after I enrolled the Almansor Day program,

Jamie:  2:58 

okay. Went through the adult day program. I did. Yes. And so do you go to the day program now?

Nataly:  3:09 

No, I started. I didn’t go back because I started working. They’d hired me so I didn’t go back. Before the COVID started before the COVID started, I was there but then when they first begin few months ago, I started working at mentor adult program.

Jamie:  3:29 

Okay, so you went to the adult day program and you got some job training and you learn

Nataly:  3:38 

I to 1000 adult program I had to my teacher, Mr. Neutrogena she so that she she hires people or adults whose job and for her. It’s Rufina. So then I told her I was interested in working with the cleaning crew and manager. So they actually helped me to help me apply. I had the interview and I got hired over

Jamie:  4:02 

And so how long have you been working with the crew?

Nataly:  4:09 

Almost a year. Oh, wow. I first started working with the cleaning crew with the teacher named Mr. Masa. Okay, he was my first job teacher working at the clinic group. She was the first first one I started working the cleaning crew. So her the minister Massa so I worked with her but then it was it was too too hard for me it was too many words too pushing. It was too many words too many words echoed in more so Mr. Jr. My drama teacher told me Don’t give up. Don’t give up keep working with her and I had to Miss Miss Regina. I just cannot work she’s too heavy. And she was pushing me to say please don’t give out that he could do he could do it. And I just couldn’t the more so she picked me up was the masa comments retreat and she messaged me pick me up And then God gave me another transporting that if you’re the job that I have,

Jamie:  5:05 

oh, no. So they were able to find you another another job. That was a little bit that you were more comfortable with.

Nataly:  5:14 

Yes. Miss Cruz with my other job teacher, she had told me that she was going to help me apply for these jobs. And is somebody happy working at the PD?

Jamie:  5:24 

Okay, great. So you’re happy with your new job?

Nataly:  5:27 

I am really happy. I’m really happy.

Jamie:  5:31 

That’s so great. So what’s your favorite part of your job?

Nataly:  5:35 

My favorite part a job is that is not to pushing too hard. Too hard. I like this job because it’s, it’s more comfortable. It’s not too heavy, not too heavy. It’s comfortable. And I love it.

Jamie:  5:51 

Oh, nice. So what So what kind of things do you do at your job?

Nataly:  5:56 

I work at two jobs. I work at a cleaning while working in the cleaning crew. But I have two sessions working for a session is with my children, the adult mentor. The next building, I clean restrooms like in the kitchen, I take out the trash from the teachers offices. I do the front entrance. I do the windows like back in the entrance I back in the whole building. Then next I go to where advanced Academy is. High School where graduates. And so I go there. Driver have my senior luncheon from high school, the same building. So I did over there clean too. I clean restrooms I clean, clean the clean tables that can little kitchenette, take out the trash. Yes.

Jamie:  6:52 

Oh, wow. So well, that sounds like you have quite a bit of work to do.

Nataly:  6:56 

Yes, I come to work, you know. So.

Jamie:  7:01 

But and that’s great that you that you really like your job, it’s always important to like what you do. So you use you had said earlier that you struggled a little bit with your first job. So do you have any advice for other people who might be struggling at work? It would depend, say, say your co worker was struggling at work?

Nataly:  7:31 

Yes, I’ll support her. She’s working with me in the cleaning group. So I’ll support her. No, she’s the same thing as me. So I’ll support her and help her.

Jamie:  7:43 

That’s great. So you’re a team player then you work together? Yes. Nice. Nice. Okay. So, so you have how many days a week do you work then?

Nataly:  7:58 

Wow. Oh, yes. I forgot. This. I used to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off Thursday work and Friday work. And I had three jobs. The first one was, was at a it’s like a building where people do shows people see like the COVID-19 started. They close the at the Women’s Center. Yes, the woman’s center. And I used to be there. It was kind of heavy because it was a big building where people see and it was heavy. It was heavy, you know, because do the blinds the whole appliance cleaner and it was so hard for me because you know, it was 20 blinds

Jamie:  8:48 

Yes, yes. I can imagine so. Yes. I’m sorry. So yes, so what now? So you’re working just two days a week is that correct?

Nataly:  9:02 

Yes. I’m working Tuesday and Friday and Tuesdays and Fridays. I used to work at daumas Club it was almost a whole week for like the COVID started they closed it right right. So we’re going to stay in for any and mentor program and inventor High School.

Jamie  9:21 

Okay, so it sounds like then you have a lot of free time then so what do you like to do when you’re not working?

Nataly:  9:29 

Um, I like to sleep because I like sleeping. Sometimes it’s too late. Like for example I think the whole time so it is a wake up I wanted afternoon when we should go to Sam ticket. It is not time to be sleeping more good operating so I get up. I I call my mom sometimes I go to her house. I usually go to her house often. So two different things. You come to my steak apartment don’t have an apartment, stay over there and Mungus with him. Don’t tell my daughter that she’s my daughter should come to visit me. It’s because she could do anything. You just want to probably make her stay over there. So

Jamie:  10:12 

Natalie Oh, wow. So I’m sorry to interrupt badly. So you have your own apartment.

Nataly:  10:18 

I do? Yes.

Jamie:  10:20 

Do you live? So do you live by yourself?

Nataly:  10:23 

No, I haven’t roommate.

Jamie: 10:24

Oh, you do?

Nataly: 10:25


Jamie:  10:27 

Okay, so it’s through through a program then. So you have a roommate? And do you like having a roommate?

Nataly:  10:34 

I don’t at all. No, no, no.

Jamie:  10:39 

So do you guys. Do you have someone who comes in to check on on your apartment?

Nataly:  10:46 

They come and check my house. I have rules for example, to clean my room every once a week and the whole apartment? Do my Medicaid medication. They tell me to clean my apartment and do laundry. And yes,

Jamie:  11:02 

okay, so they help so do they also does your roommate have support also

Nataly:  11:09 

she does extra example every week. Me and my roommate we seem like for example I was I put my house on Wednesdays and she’s on Thursday so this week it was my clean so next Thursday per turn and next wanted my friend to clean

Jamie:  11:25 

Yeah, okay, so you haven’t you have a schedule? And then so so the week said that she isn’t scheduled to clean the sheet do any cleaning or

Nataly:  11:36 

a week we both have to take out the trash every week the example she takes the trash Monday need to stay for Wednesday and Thursday her Friday Me Saturday like that we take that Tracy but the trash for the patron? Our rooms and the restroom. The whole the whole house every time we it’s our turn to trash we take out the trash

Jamie:  11:57 

oh wow you guys take out the trash a lot.

Nataly:  12:03 

Yeah, kitchen trash restroom trash and our rooms both of our rooms.

Jamie:  12:09 

That’s great. That’s great to stay in a room.

Nataly:   12:11 

I don’t like the roommates no way. But I have to do it because I have to pay my rent and my dependents me too much my for me but just

Jamie:  12:23 

not. So is there a possibility that you could live like in a smaller apartment on your own without

Nataly:  12:31 

I live in a nice area and close to my mom I have them on the Bella bus to go to my mom. So um, okay.

Jamie:  12:38 

So you mentioned your roommate has a boyfriend so how about you? Do you do dates? Or

Nataly:  12:45 

I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t want a boyfriend because No, no, I’m okay the way I’m working when he for me when I grew up. My mom and I were a Starbucks or jumbo juice or theater to go eat and was happy me and my mom only hanging out together.

Jamie:  13:01 

Well, that’s nice. So you have some nieces or nephews that you also like to spend time with?

Nataly:  13:08 

I do my my sister just had a baby.

Jamie:  13:11 

Oh really? Oh, wow.

Nataly:  13:13 

She has four boys. Wow. Yeah, she her fourth boy she has she bro. He’s bringing eternity for one on January.

Jamie:  13:22 

So you get to be an auntie there for boys.

Nataly:  13:24 

Yeah, he’s adorable. Oh, he loves me and he looks so cute. He’s like adorable. Oh, like all my nephews is my favorite one. I love my nephew. He loves me too. He is happy when he sees me. Every time I’m about to go see him by mumbles Natalie. And he loves me more to look for me.

Jamie:  13:47 

That’s so cute.

Nataly:  13:49 

Yeah, and then she has four boys. She has a 13 year old a eight year old seven year old and the baby she had right now and I have other nephews one is 32 are 13 and one is 12.

Jamie:  14:05 

Nice. Very nice. So Natalie, do you have any role models? Anybody that you look up to like that you want to be like

Nataly:  14:19 

I want to be like be forgiven. I want to be like how can I talk to you? I want to be like Miss Universe so like that. Who Oh, Miss you. Okay. Yeah, cuz when I was younger, before I got sick, very soupy legs, like the show Spanish was universal. That was the previous one when I could

Jamie:  14:48 

I see you being Ms. Universal, you’re very attractive. And you’re very sweet and very, very smart.

Nataly:  14:58 

Thank you

Jamie:  15:00 

So do you have any other dreams besides being Ms. universal?

Nataly:  15:03 

My dream is to get a nice life, my treatments to be have a good job have my family with me now getting COVID My dream is getting my life normal, you know have a good job, spend time with family don’t get sick from my sickness. That matrix getting better each day and getting a better job give her money. A job that gives me pays me better than this. Because this job was good. I like it. Perfect for me. You know I have no kids. I have no husband. It’s only me and it’s only me and my mom is only minimum matrix. We bought a Starbucks we we go to today down. I think Molly wanna send it to him or her. She goes, Okay, we get to borrow we go to the mall together. We she she Yeah, she’s my dream is to get better my life.

Jamie:  16:01 

Okay, so what would be your dream job?

Nataly:  16:06 

Something that gives me paper money.

Jamie:  16:11 

Something that pays more money. So you don’t.

Nataly:  16:14 

I like this is only for me. But I would like to get paid a little bit more and work more hours or days. So gay, you know, because I just bought a bed and I’m paying everyone 200 a month. So I paid my bet.

Jamie:  16:30 

So what what things? What other things are you good at?

Nataly:  16:36 

I’m good at um. One thing that I’m good at is drawing. I’m good at drawing. I’m good at drawing coloring. What kind of things do you draw? I like to color for example, like coloring books at the store. I get crayons and I start to clutter up a glitter glue. I do like coloring markers my color tools. It’s like little middle school to be like very, very artistic.

Jamie:  17:10 

So you do a lot of sounds like you do a lot of arts and crafts.

Nataly:  17:14 

I do. Yes. I like to. To decorate things like for example like to if I knew how to nail on a really really good like only colors with their designs with the if I knew how to me, I’ll make cat Barb’s baby stuff. Blanket tags, like, I don’t know how to knit. But once I learned how to name I’ll do wonderful. Like I’ll do amazing things like things that are amazing. I’ll I’ll do like a scar full of colors and designs in it and everything but I need to learn. Once a year learning I can make amazing things. I could make beautiful spark to make beautiful heads. I can make baby socks for baby gloves. But I need to learn but what I’m really good at is doing things first learning new things.

Jamie:  18:10 

So how do you think you’re gonna learn how to knit? Have you have you?

Nataly:  18:15 

Taken time, it can be like three months. Like how to train and learn and in automating things like scarves, hats, gloves, babies, the things like that blanket.

Jamie:  18:29 

So how about anything else? Is there anything else that you would like to learn that you haven’t learned yet?

Nataly:  18:36 

Oh, another how to swim. That’s my goal. Oh, nice. That’s my dream that Oh, yeah. And I would love to learn how to swim. That’s my my goal swim to the competition’s racing competition swimming. And, and I want to learn how to swim so I could do competitions and just swim. That’s what I wanted to learn how to do.

Jamie:  19:02 

That sounds pretty exciting. Alright, so anything else? Are there any other what are your other dreams? Do you have any other dreams? Right now? Things you want to do?

Nataly:  19:14 

Swim, my dream is.

Jamie:  19:17 

Next, get a new find another job. You have lots of plans. That’s really good. Natalie sounds like you really are think thinking about the future that?

Nataly:  19:28 


Jamie:  19:29 

What about your work or your home life? What makes you the proudest? Is there anything that you’re proud about? About work or your home life?

Nataly:  19:42 

I’m proud of that I’m leaving for my life. I was sick before and I got sick many times and I went to the hospital many times. I got sick. So I went to the hospital many times and I’m proud of that I’m doing really good.

Jamie:  19:58 

So when you have Problems at at home, or school or romance or at home or work. Who do you go to for support?

Nataly:  20:11 

My mom, your mom, I call my mom. For example, my roommate screaming and doing things I call my mom and she forced me she goes, Just ignore her. And just put yourself in your room. My sister too last time she was having problems my sister told me, just lock yourself in a room don’t go out at all.

Jamie:  20:31 

So is there anything else that you you want our listeners to, to know about you? You sound like you have a very interesting and fulfilling life.

Nataly:  20:46 

No, just that I’m working. And I love my job. And I want to go to college that did a pass on the money to take me to college to study something that I love. I mean, they want to help me get a job. So but I love it here. I just love it. It’s comfortable, better. So I want to stay here longer than get another job. Because if I get another job that would be heavy. Like I for example, I played Dollar Tree Montebello they called me for an interview. And it was just too hard because her name was Maria and she wanted her cash register. That’s what she wanted the most to do cash register. So then I went with her to the interview, we had the interview she she was I missed the job because I didn’t do some paperwork. So I missed the job. I didn’t get it. We’re not doing paperwork on time, I totally forgot about it. And I didn’t do some paperwork, so she shouldn’t give you the job. I didn’t do the paperwork. And I just want to say my job. It’s comfortable. It’s fun. Yeah.

Jamie:  21:53 

So you didn’t really want that job, because you were gonna have to deal with money.

Nataly:  21:59 

She wanted to register period period. So she goes, I want the cash registered. And it’s gonna be too heavy for me. And right here. I’m uncomfortable because it’s cornering comfortable. Like my scenario told me how my first job coach or what her name was Miriam. She told me don’t worry, never anyway, here isn’t I mean really comfortable. You’re, you’re in a good, comfortable arena Hello, better than with the last time.

Jamie  22:22 

That’s good. So I’m so glad that you’re able to find a job that you’re comfortable with. That’s really good. So you said, I’m sorry, go ahead.

Nataly:  22:33 

So I wouldn’t want a job or whatever here because it’s comfortable. And it’s not the winning work and even have another job. So it’d be too heavy too pushy. I’m gonna have I’m not gonna have to put it to pick me up. I do have transportation to pick me up and take me in another job. And they need to hear me. Yes.

Jamie:  22:50 

Oh, so transportation picks you up from your house and takes you to work? Yes. That’s nice. How do you get around? When you’re not working? Do you take the buses and the trains? Or?

Nataly:  23:06 

I take the bus.Yes.

Jamie:  23:08 

You take the bus. So you can get around Los Angeles, then on your own?

Nataly: 23:10

 I could, yes

Jamie: 23:12

 you mentioned a moment ago that you wanted to go back to college.

Nataly:  23:24 

Yeah, that right? Class allowed me to miss my job push me to take Nichols I feel comfortable with her already. So if anybody will take me all of her to support me.

Jamie:  23:39 

So what kind of classes you want to take? Do you know?

Nataly:  23:44 

I want to take our class or classes, cooking, cooking to or study for something big like a teacher? Or like, like a nurse or blah blah Calaca Bravo good foreigners, but I’m not. I’m not good working as a nurse but likes working like me. Like, like, our drawing music. Uh huh.

Jamie:  24:14 

Oh, do you play an instrument? I don’t know. You just like to listen to music. Would you like to learn how to play an instrument?

Nataly:  24:25 

Yes, the piano?

Jamie:  24:27 

The piano. So why do you like the piano?

Nataly:  24:32 

Because I like the way you sound.

Jamie:  24:36 

You already know that you can whatever you put your mind to do. And you can do right.

Nataly:  24:40 

Yes, that’s what I know. That’s what I realized last time mostly been a while if I could learn something push myself. I could do it.

Jamie:  24:49 

And you’ve mentioned Leilani Leilani. Is your is your job coach.

Nataly:  24:55 

Yes, she’s my job coach.

Jamie:  24:57 

How long has she been your job coach for

Nataly:  25:00 

Maybe like four months, four months.

Jamie:  25:05 

So what kind of things does the Leilani help you with at work?

Nataly:  25:10 

She’s a PARSKY, she tells me to clean the restrooms.

Jamie:  25:15 

Okay, so she just remind you of things that you need to do while you’re working and kind of supervisors to make sure that that you’re doing things correctly. Is that basically it? Yes. Okay. Was there anything else that you wanted to talk a little bit more about before we end

Nataly:  25:37 

that I’m happy with my job and my life that are getting better. I don’t get sick anymore. And if I do get sick, think about it two times, or do something that’s my sister told me before doesn’t think about it. Think about it before you do it. Think about it twice. Think about it. Why it’s really really think about before you do something.

Nataly  25:58 

So yeah, I’m just proud of my life that I’m working. I’m getting better. Every time I’m getting every day I’m getting better and better and better. Yes.

Jamie:  26:11 

Nice. So it sounds like having having a job now has helped to build your confidence. So it sounds like you’re you’re very happy that you’re able to buy things that you want now since you’re working is that right?

Nataly:  26:28 

Yes. I bought a bed it costed money. My mom told me about a bed after that and we’ll buy a dresser and the TV and his shoes and then be like the things that I need.

Jamie:  26:43 

Okay, wow

Nataly:  26:45 

helping me budget my money without working he goes Don’t be buying chips don’t buy you soda don’t buy better things you need for your apartment and you she helped me buy my my bed. So the next thing she can do is give me a new dresser that matches with the bed or a dresser and she was helped me get a TV and then buy things that I need nothing that I don’t need. Buy things I need and have money my bank always good always have money in your bank. Good when you don’t work. You have money, which you.

Jamie:  27:17 

That’s good advice. Very good advice. All right, Natalie. Well, I think that’s probably going to conclude our discussion for today unless you have anything else you want to add. Okay, thank you so much for talking with me today. I really appreciate it.

Nataly:  27:41 

You are very welcome.

Jamie:  27:44 

Okay, so I guess I’ll talk to you again sometime soon. Thank you again, so much. Okay.


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